You have a dream that just won't die.

You long to take that dream off the shelf and finally meet your destiny.

This is the book that will inspire you to go for it… and never look back.

You've been striving for your dream for a long time.

You need a push to motivate you to stay the course and reach the finish line.

This is the book that will help you get the win.

In Fight For Your Dreams!, bestselling author and celebrated motivational speaker Les Brown shares 31 of his favorite inspirational stories—stories written by ordinary people, just like you—who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds, harrowing experiences and decades of self-doubt to fulfill their dreams. This is the book that will light a fire under you, and help you take the first step, and the next, and the next, until you too are living the amazing life you were meant to live.

"To be successful, we must ward off the inner demons of mediocrity, fear, lack of self-confidence—all of our internal obstacles and challenges, as well as our external challenges.

To do this, we must be at our best at all times. We must be willing to go to the center of the ring and fight to achieve the things that will give our lives a sense of meaning, purpose and value."

— From the Introduction by Les Brown

Reading the stories in Fight For Your Dreams! will give you the courage to answer your calling; they will sustain you when are weary; and when you're down they will empower you to get back up and fight, fight, fight for your dreams… until you're living them.

In this book...

Les Brown reveals how he found the courage to lift himself up and out of poverty to become a bestselling author, award-winning motivational speaker and the host of a nationally syndicated radio show.

Alisa Gabrielle shares her own Eat, Pray, Love-style story of giving up the life she knew to meet her destiny in Italy and become a world-class sculptor.

Allen Cardoza, who has facilitated the rescue and return of thousands of runaways, tells his story of fighting for the dreams of parents of missing children.

Nadine Lajoie shares how she overcame great obstacles to become an international motorcycle racer, placing third at Daytona!

Joseph J. Rangel reveals how he started his own successful real estate business at the age of twenty-one, and became a millionaire by the age of twenty-four.

And 31 co-authors share their own stories of how they overcame obstacles—and their own inner demons—to beat the odds and make their dreams come true!

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FREE Gift from Les Brown

Consider what would be POSSIBLE for you if failure was not on the table!

Les Brown's struggles and trials taught him lessons that he will share with you, helping you understand your potential and providing you with guidance to reach it. Les Brown's life story is an inspiring journey that led him to become a powerful Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach and Author.

Les offers you tips and advice on how to improve your relationships, promote wellness, make possible personal development, increase sales and build up your leadership skills, as well as empowering the youth for a brighter future.

"Here's what I know (that only 2% of the population knows) -- you must believe you can live your dream to see that dream in your life. Whether your desires are different from your beliefs or not, you will always manifest what you believe. Whoa!

That's why I'm sharing my favorite video message with you -- "It is POSSIBLE". I am releasing to you my best ever recording (I think) on this topic! You not only CAN live the life you imagine, you deserve to live that life!"

Value: Priceless 


FREE Gift from J.L. Edwards

J. L. Edwards, Bsc., DMS, EMBA, is an educator, author and youth-advocate. His decades of experience spans brewing/bottling, Wall Street, small business management and secondary education.

While working closely with CEOs of large firms and Fortune 500 companies, John continues to channel his philanthropic efforts into his non-profit organization (FEDERAN) whose mission focuses on youth, education and community development.

Gift #1: "Step Outside Your Circumstance and Take on Your Dreams" eBook
Do you have dreams that are unfulfilled? Do you lack a clear vision for your life? Let this eBook teach you powerful strategies to attain your limitless potential. Gain a clear understanding on what to do when you are down on luck and feeling trapped.
Value: $20.00

Gift #2: "Your Ticket to a Dream" eGuide
In this eGuide geared toward collaborative fulfillment, you'll access a world of new resources to improve your time management, expand your business network and your net worth. This guide will not only help you realize your own dream and help others to fulfill theirs, but it will also bring total personal fulfillment.
Value: $30.00

Gift #3: A Complimentary Coaching Call with J.L. for the First 5 to Sign Up
Value: $100.00


FREE Gift from Alexis Williams-Patton

Your Fight Is Not Physical, "It's Spiritual"

Alexis Williams-Patton previously held the title of Senior Recruiter for Fortune 500 companies. Her career came to a sudden halt as she went through a devastating divorce then learned how to be a single mom and start over.

Alexis spent increased time in prayer asking God why she was going through this experience. While in prayer she heard the words, "Open your mouth and keep moving forward and upward". This was just the beginning of an incredible wave of change and success as an entrepreneur, author and speaker.

More than a decade later, Alexis thrives on supporting others to also find their greater purpose and live the life of their dreams.

Gift #1: "Keep Moving Forward and Upward: Pressing Towards Your Highest Calling™" eBook
This insightful eBook will propel you to your next dimension in life. Rid yourself of past hurts and be encouraged to step out on faith toward a brighter future.
Value: $25.00

Gift # 2: A VIP Ticket and Front-room Seat to a Life-Changing Conference, "Destiny, Purpose and Truth Conferences™" for the First Twenty (20) Registrants
During this conference you will be surrounded by others who have stepped down to take a step up. You will leave with a clear understanding of your purpose and a renewed sense of personal power.
Value: $299.00


FREE Gift from Allen Cardoza

Find Out About How to End Human Slavery in America

Help Allen rescue thousands of kidnapped women and runaway children who have been enslaved in America.

For the past 25 years, Allen Cardoza, a private detective, has been infiltrating crime networks to free kidnapped women and runaway children who have been forced into a life of prostitution. These women and children are enslaved. Through the use of threats to kill their family, narcotic drugs, and violence, they are kept frightened and servile.

Allen's e-book Running Away in America explains his detective work in the secret underground world of human trafficking and child slavery and how he has devised numerous effective ways to free women and children forced into human bondage by crime cartels. He also suggests ways that you can safely make a difference in ending this crime against human rights and decency.

Value: $37.00


FREE Gift from Nadine Lajoie

Win the Race of Life!

A UNIQUE and NEW way to help you RACING to your dreams! Through a motivating and inspiring product portfolio, Nadine Lajoie is utilizing motorcycle as a powerful and energetic medium to provide positive and uplifting inspiration for people struggling to find their way in the race of life. Nadine is an international motorcycle racer, an international motivational speaker, author, coach, musician and singer, real estate investor, and finances expert who is dedicated to help others reach the life of their dreams with balance and passion.

Gift #1: FREE Teleseries of 3 webinars: "Racing to your dreams in 2011". That will help you to find your balance and passion, with power, adrenaline & masculine, as well as your softness , spiritual & feminine side to discover your « IN-Power » to win the race of life!

Gift #2: FREE "Rock-Energetic" Motorcycle Meditation (download)— A unique meditation that will IN-Power you to realize your dreams and give you the adrenaline and power to take action!

Gift #3: First ten (10) sign-ups will receive:

  • FREE 1-hour personal coaching call

  • One FREE Racing Map to your dreams (download) – A powerful dream map for you to attract your dreams and build a unique & powerful vision board.

  • An autographed copy of her upcoming book "Win the Race of Life… With Balance & Passion at 180 mph"

Value: $307


FREE Gift from Akua Boyenne

The Beginner's Guide To Hollywood Production Contracts

Akua Boyenne is a Los Angeles based entertainment attorney specializing in motion picture and television transactions. Her father offered great inspiration and support for Akua to start her own law firm based on spiritual principles, which has since grown into a very successful entertainment law practice. Her clients include award-winning and aspiring writers, directors, actors, producers and production companies that work in both the studio and independent systems.

Bonus Offering: "The Beginner's Guide To Hollywood Production Contracts"

In this eBook, Akua walks you through the basic terms of film production contracts and identifies important issues to consider when negotiating a film deal.

Get trained on this valuable information - in plain language - so you can make informed decisions on the legal aspects of your career. Sample contracts are included along with ways to protect your creative ideas and strategies for forming the best business structure for your needs.

This eBook is a must for anyone interested in the independent film business and the tactics of negotiating a film deal.

Value: $99.00


FREE Gift from Sherise Patterson

Build Your Network and Your Net Worth

Building relationships is key to growing any business. Sherise Cunningham-Patterson brings people together for the purpose of networking and potentially growing their net worth.

Gift #1: Stay connected and find out what's going on in the world of business networking, empowerment, and other uplifting events via our bi-monthly Simply To Empower Ezine. The Simply To Empower Ezine will be your source for news, views, motivation, and inspiration. We keep it "real"… so "real" people like you and I can find positive, powerful, and moving information at the click of a button.

Gift#2: I have come through and overcome many major storms in my life. In this video bonus, watch how I turned what could have been a negative into a positive through the power of networking. Learn how you can do the same!

Gift#3: Networking with Sherise - Sherise is your source for meeting new people within your target who can potentially help you grow and take your business to the next level. Who are you? What do you do? Let's have lunch and discover how we can help one another.

Total Value: $175.00


FREE Gift from Ela Corcoran

Ela is an expert in holistic health, specializing in anti-aging and longevity. She has an international education and career from both Europe and the US in Homeopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Alkalization. She strongly believes in education and teaches how to be proactive to health and other aspects of life. Ela is also a Bob Proctor Independent Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant. She can take you from the brink of possibility to the path of infinite probability... to achieve a healthy, happy and abundant life.

Gift #1: 30 minutes Phone Consultation
Ela will empower you with Holistic Health Tips and Advice related to your specific health issue and challenges that you currently face. Value: $65

Gift #2: 30 Recording from Mastermind Tele Sessions on TAGR
Access to the 5 recoded sessions from the Mastermind classes on Napoleon Hill's classic Think and Grow Rich - Priceless

Gift #3: 30 "You Were Born Rich"- Recordings from Study Course
As a Bob Proctor LifeSuccess Consultant, Ela offers this study course of recordings that will change your life! During the course of this study, you will learn how to apply to your life the foundational principles of Bob Proctor's best selling book, You Were Born Rich! – Priceless

Value: $65.00


FREE Gift from Alisa Gabrielle

"May you be sculpting a beautiful life!"©

Alisa Gabrielle has the courage to live her dreams. Speaker, Author, Marriage and Family Therapist and Coach, she guided many others to live fulfilling lives. Though she was very successful, she knew there was more in store for her. When she finally listened to her heart, Alisa faced her fears, packed her bags, and took a sabbatical from a long- time rewarding practice to live her dream of creating art in Italy.

Since then Alisa has become an award- winning artist. Her marble carvings and paintings have been exhibited and collected around the world.

Alisa has developed a unique skill set that combines her experience as an artist and licensed therapist. She invites you to use her expertise and inspiring guidance to "Sculpt a Beautiful Life".

Gift #1: "Sculpt a Beautiful Life" Coaching Session with Alisa
The first fifteen (15) people to sign up receive a 30-minute life-enhancing individual session. Alisa will open your eyes and heart to what is possible so you can sculpt a life you love.
Value: $125.00

Gift #2: $150 Art Voucher
Use this $150 voucher towards the purchase of any Alisa Gabrielle Fine Art Giclee or Sculpture priced at $350 or more. 
Value: $150.00

Gift #3: "Life Carving: The Art of Living Your Dreams" Audio
Download this inspiring audio. Find out what stops you from living your dreams. Use Alisa's practical tools to start living those dreams today.
Value: $25.00


FREE Gift from Shaune Arnold

Shaune B. Arnold, Esq. is a practicing transaction attorney in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of UCLA, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and of the University of California Hastings College of the Law, Shaune brings to the table more than 17 years of experience providing General Counsel advice to start-up, emerging growth and traditional businesses of widely varying industries to help them meet their expansion needs. She was also a licensed Financial Advisor (formerly holding Series 7, Series 63, Series 65 and California Insurance licenses).

In addition to nurturing a very strong renewable energy practice, Shaune’s transaction experience includes organizing companies and making them fully capital compliant with Securities Exchange Commission regulations and with various state Blue Sky laws, registering copyrights and trademarks on behalf of her clients, conducting mergers and acquisitions, facilitating real estate development and acquisition deals, and structuring strategic alliances between companies.

Free Gift: From insurance issues to tax, corporate compliance and internet marketing challenges, in this FREE report you will learn some of the biggest mistakes that business owners unwittingly make that can ruin a business overnight. This FREE report is packed with tips on how to avoid these costly errors and put your business on solid footing.

Value: $99.00


FREE Gift from Vanessa McLean

Now Let's Speak - Discover Your Power Voice!

After many years of working in the corporate world of banking and the IT sector, Vanessa knew her real passion was supporting people to creatively express themselves through the power of their own voice. She now shares the global stage with Les Brown and other renowned national and international speakers, as well as facilitates her own speaker training workshops and seminars.

Vanessa trains on proven strategies that have successfully equipped her clients to overcome their fear of public speaking and become powerful presenters and storytellers who deliver outstanding, transformational and memorable speeches.

Gift #1: "Discover Your Power Voice & Deliver Your Greatest Message" Audio Download
Vanessa shares candid stories and valuable insights of the speaking industry in this .mp3 download. If you're a speaker already or excited about being on the stage some day, allow Vanessa to help you dig out your transformational message then give you tools for a brilliant delivery.
Value: $67.00

Gift #2: "Uncover Your Why" eBook
There is more to life than just getting by. In this energizing eBook, learn three practical yet effective steps to help you discover your why in your life.
Value: $37.00


FREE Gift from Debi Donner

Debi is passionate about helping you realize your full potential by giving you tools to take action towards living your best life. She is a Certified Life Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master and Advanced Health Practitioner who empowers others to create and maintain strong relationships, enabling them to attain life fulfillment.

Gift # 1: "The Top 10 Ways to Create Change: Change Your Beliefs, Improve Your Life" E-book
This E-book is filled with key insights and wisdom to radically transform your life. Claim your dreams by changing your beliefs.
Value: $39.75

Gift # 2: "It Works" Audio Download
This 16-minute audio is a support tool to keep you focused on what you want. "It Works" is a clear, definite, common-sense plan for success with rules, explanations and suggestions for improving your life.
Value: $29.25

Gift # 3: One Transformational Coaching Session with Debi; For the first ten (10) people who sign up for this bonus package:
This powerful session is designed to bring more to your life. Open up to new perspectives, release limiting beliefs and bring your dreams into reality.
Value: $120.00


FREE Gift from Angela Alexander

Miracles in Action
Turning Pain Into Power and Grief Into Peace

On April 1, 2000 while Angela was in Japan on military duty, her husband and four children were involved in a fatal car crash. Their car fell twenty-five feet off the highway, and landed upside down on top of two parked vehicles. Angela's husband and two daughters survived, however, her two sons died instantly at the scene.

One of the many miracles that surfaced was God allowed Murice and Roger, both only eight-years-old, to independently write and leave behind incredible good-bye letters prior to the crash.

Angela says, "Each letter answered specific questions that I would have wondered about for the rest of my life." While Angela wrote her children's memorial program, God revealed to her that their letters were written to soothe her soul, but also to share and support other's to heal.

Gift # 2: "Miracles In Action: Extracting the Core Messages" eBook
Angela carefully extracted the nuggets from her book, "Miracles in Action", so you could learn how she turned her pain into power and grief into peace. 
Value: $15.00

Gift # 1: Angela's Powerful Audio Testimony
Angela shares God's amazing testimony so you can understand and grow from the obstacles in your life, and search for your miracles. 
Value: $10.00


FREE Gift from Reginald Alfonzo Sizemore

Over 39 years ago, Reginald Alfonzo Sizemore began his quest to accomplish his father's dreams. He is now the recipient of more than 40 awards for his businesses. Reginald was exposed to motivational products at the age of fifteen and began his lifelong quest to follow his own dream and become a professional public speaker to help and encourage others to follow their dreams — because dreams really do come true.

"My words are meant to offer the young hope, middle-aged confidence, and aged repose."

Gift #1: The Growing Process
Reginald's passion and purpose is to train others to reach their dreams just as he reached his. In this video, Reginald explains the strength of the purpose that helped him reach his goals.
Value: $40.00

Gift #2: You Are Great As You Are!
In this powerful eBook, gain access to Reginald's top 5 speeches to help you discover your greatness within. Learn how to achieve your dreams through hard work, dedication, and sticking to your goal.
Value: $29.95


FREE Gift from Vickie Roundtree

Live Your Life in Charge and On Top

After 26 years of corporate experience working with top Fortune 100 companies, Vickie Roundtree took charge of her life and switched careers into one that directly involved supporting others.

She became a personal life coach, speaker and author, teaching others how to gain their control back and truly LIVE. Vickie now successfully teaches others simple life skills to help catapult their journey.

Gift #1: "Autopilot is for Planes, Not People" eBook
Is stress dominating your life, leaving you feeling tired and powerless? This simple-to-implement guide teaches you a 5-step process to gain your control back and remove stress from your life.
Value: $22.00

Gift # 2: "Be Your Own Champion" Audio
Uncover the limiting beliefs that keep you from commanding the life you want in this .mp3 download. It's time to take the driver's seat again.
Value: $18.00

Gift #3: A 1-hour Complete Coaching Session
The first 7 people to register will receive an individual, customized coaching session designed to help you start "Living in Charge & on Top"! 
Value: $200.00


FREE Gift from Linda Wilson

Capture Life in the Moment

Linda Wilson is an author, public speaker and professional photographer. She uses her photography to educate and inspire current generations to preserve the beauty around us and protect our future.

Linda combines her background in Information Technology and her approach to photography to show individuals how to change their outcomes by changing their perspective.

Gift #1: "Capture It! Growing Your Business Through Brilliant Photography" Video Training
In this educational presentation, Linda incorporates her unique blend of brilliant photography with her background in website and graphic design to show you how imaging affects your branding message. 
Value: $94.00

Gift #2 : "Capture Life In The Moment – Change Your Perspective and Change Your Outcome" eBook
This short but to-the-point book is filled with examples and ideas to support you on your way to better outcomes. Reuse this tool again and again to support your life journey.
Value: $74.00


FREE Gift from Nguyen "Tom" Griggs

Nguyen has defied many extraordinary challenges in his life. Coming from dangerous Houston neighborhoods where drugs, crime and harsh circumstances were an everyday occurrence, Nguyen knew deep down he could not live to be a victim of his circumstance. Instead, he chose to rise above the numerous negative influences and live his life with passion and purpose.

Nguyen ultimately found his strength in martial arts and education. He is currently a 3rd degree black belt in Japanese jujitsu at TNT Jujitsu in Houston Texas where he also teaches. In May 2010 after a nine year journey, Nguyen earned his Ed.D in Higher Education Administration from the University of Houston.

Bonus #1: "How to Effectively Resolve any Conflict Using the Tenets of Jujitsu" eBook
In this jam-packed bonus, you'll receive worksheets, tips and tools to learn the founding elements of a conflict, plus understand causes and methods to resolve the conflict.

Bonus #2: "Stories from the Front Lines" Audio Collection
What does the quest for inspiration, love and peace truly encompass? Find out the answer to this question and more with stories and anecdotes inspired by Nguyen's journey as well as that of others.

Value: $200.00


FREE Gift from Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Over the past 17 years Dr. Ramesh Kumar has earned the reputation of being a compassionate and results-producing physician. Having taken care of thousands of cancer patients and their families in Florida, he quickly realized patients had no sound understanding of the nature of cancer, the treatments available or its effects on the entire family.

Dr. Kumar's approach was developed to first to help patients and loved ones understand cancer, and second to address each patient with individual attention to obtain the best care possible.

Dr. Kumar strongly believes that fixing the mind is a fundamental process to fix the body. He has created two bonus offerings targeted to support patients and their families dealing with such a serious issue as cancer.

Gift #1: "Design Your Individual Care and Recovery Cancer Plan – A Pro-Active Approach that Puts YOU in Charge!" eGuide

Learn 5 crucial questions that every cancer patient needs answered before seeking treatment.

Get the same great results his patients have experienced by educating yourself with the helpful guides above.

Value: $25.00


FREE Gift from Bill Lopez

Automatic Success TM is a new model of Success Psychology.

It is the unknown thoughts running in our minds 24 hours a day that are in control of our lives. This is why we sabotage ourselves. Why we can't lose weight. Why our feelings are often in control. Now with The 4 Guiding Areas Of Life's System™, this Automatic Success TM takes us to a level never before thought possible. Leon created this out of his experience with extreme depression. His never giving up on analyzing the how‘s behind what was going on inside his mind, this is the source for his new impactful methods. Daily practice of his simple methods will transform your lives like never before.

Gift #1: How To Talk to Yourself Like A Winner - An ebook which teaches you the 6 pillars of winning self talk. Learn what to say to yourself to be a winner in life.

Gift #2: Healing Meditation MP3 - A powerfully scripted meditation based upon The 4 Guiding Areas Of Life's System TM for enhanced effectiveness. Leon's southing voice will guide you through this powerful healing meditation thereby unlocking your success potential.

Value $87.49


FREE Gift from Amber Ludwig

75 Ways to Grow Your Online Business!
Free Download of Internet Business Development eGuide "Online Evolutions", by Web Expert Amber Ludwig

Amber Ludwig is a young but highly experienced entrepreneur focusing on Online Business Development AND Personal Development, all with the simple mission of helping others. Her expertise is in working with online entrepreneurs and authors worldwide to help spread their message.

Online Evolutions combines Amber's experience in all these areas and provides you with a 75-page eGuide that will teach you:

  • 14 Online Product Ideas You Can Create Cheaply to Make Money Online

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Recording Audio or Video for Your Website

  • Low to No Cost Methods for Driving New Visitors to Your Website/Blog

  • Learn About the Top Social Networks and How to Use Them

  • Top Internet Marketing Resources to Make Money for Your Online Business

Amber's Online Evolutions eGuide trains you on the very methods she uses every day on her own products and websites. Get immediate access to this guide today for free!

Value: $27.97


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